We love weddings at Casual!

Because the weddings in Ibiza are so beautiful…

The weddings in Ibiza are magical…

And because the weddings in Ibiza are the most fun!


At Casual we specialize in suits for men.

 Our profession is to dress men in Ibiza for any occasion.

 We carry a wide selection of suits for grooms as well as suits for special events and parties.

In our boutique in ibiza, grooms can count on professional advice that will be sure to make them truly enjoy the experience of choosing the outfit they will wear during one of the most beautiful days of their life.

Also the father of the groom, the groomsmen, and all the wedding guests can count on us, as we are experts in dress code for parties and special occasions.

To say “I do”, we create a personalized style for each groom. With the use of accessories, we have the opportunity to add personality and originality to each groom’s look.

The groom’s shoes, such an important piece that they can guarantee the suit looks just right.

The belt, should be a discrete style but it is very important to complement the impecable overall look of the groom. This is an occasion to invest in an elegant and high quality piece that will be worn for years to come.

The groom’s cuff links, an elegant detail that personalizes his style.

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The tie or bow tie, in discrete colors or delicate prints and with the type of knot determined by the collar of the shirt.

The shirt is, without a doubt, the star garment for a groom. The type of collar is adapted to each individual body, and the cuffs with the perfect length peek out of the jacket sleeves.

The underwear, because elegance begins from the inside even when always keeping in mind your comfort.

The vest, that recently is very fashionable, brings that special touch to the groom’s role on his special day.

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